Super Pachinko Plus Casino Game - Play this Game Online

Super Pachinko Plus Casino Game - Play this Game Online

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I live and work in Japan and am fluent in Japanese. First, I find it highly dubious that Pachiko parlors are mostly Korean owned, although I admit that as I write this I haven't checked the link in the article for authenticity.

Pachinko is everywhere in Japan and, given its borderline illegal reputation and thusly its close ties to Yakuza, I have a hard time believing Japanese organized crime notoriously racist would willfully put what is for sure a substantially profitable business in the hands of foreigners.

I also find it hard to believe that Pachinko parlors are taking out "bribe taxes" on their ball bearings when a technically nothing illegal is going on, and b pachinko certainly plays a moderate role in driving Japan's economy.

Besides, the article makes it seem like these "bribe taxes" are written on the door, and why would any business so readily admit to doing something illegal to cover up something else illegal?

My guess is these "bribe taxes" are actually just a regular tax taken out to maximize profits. Secondly, I don't think the medal games thing has anything to do with Yakuza connections or the like.

My guess is that medal games don't offer payouts because they're located in family establishments like arcades, entertainment centers, etc.

And last time I checked the medals at most establishments can be traded in for a variety of goods, so you're still playing for profit, you just have to go the extra step and sell the bike you won at medal games on ebay to get the money.

Has anyone ever tried reporting a Pachinko gift exchange system to the local koban or police department? On the one hand, I would assume the police would say that it is not directly connected to the Pachinko operation.

But then I wonder what would happen if I were to set up a craps game operation in Japan, and use the same gift exchange system as the rewards. Would the police then come after me?

I think they would. So why is this gift exchange sham only tolerated for Pachinko and not other types of gambling?

Herein lies the proof that there is a shady and immoral arrangement between the police and the Yakuza. The previous commenter's take on the Yakuza is, I believe, mistaken.

The Yakuza themselves contain heavy doses of both Japanese of Korean ancestry and of Burakumin the untouchable class.

It is somewhat in rebellion against discrimination that members of these groups joined the Yakuza. In my experience, the Yakuza are not racist at all; they have important ties to the parallel organized crime organizations in Korea and China.

Pachinko Repair, Maintenance, Cabinet building and conversion as well as countless other discussions regarding the Hobby.

The "How it works" section has a lengthy discussion of game play, but doesn't make it clear how much of the discussion is entirely generic and how much only applies to the more recent machines.

It would be helpful to have a better explanation of the most generic features of the game, which would apply to old gravity-fed games as well, followed by more specifics on the recent machines.

I once hit a few jackpots at a pachinko parlor and a staff member took us across the street, down the back alley to the exchange center, and knocked on the window for us.

We were obviously westerners and did not speak good Japanese, so he may have simply been friendly. Are Pachinko parlors legal anywhere in the U.

It seems to me that it would be considered the same as Ski-ball. Are Pachinko parlors legal in the US? I'm guessing they aren't haven't seen one yet , but they don't seem to be much different than Ski Ball, so why not?

Pachinko is NOT popular in the US, especially not as a notable gambling culture segment or even big among hobbyists, so it wouldn't be an encyclopedic topic.

If reliable sources report a sudden surge in the game's popularity in the US or England, or Russia or Botswana or whatever then there might be something to add to the article.

This page is mixing up pachinko and pachislots slot machines , slot machines in Japan have probability settings but modern pachinko machines do not.

The thing that determines whether a machine has a house edge or not is the position and bend of the pins and the tilt of the machine, the software always run the same on every machine of the same model.

Parlors use computers to keep track of average payouts and adjust pins accordingly, making some machines pay out more than others. The only legit way to win at pachinko is to calculate how many spins you need per yen to turn a profit this number is called the "border," its usually around spins depending on the machine model and the yen to ball exchange rate of the parlor.

However finding such machines isn't simple because there's no easy way to immediately determine how many spins you get per yen without playing a machine for a while and counting spins, or watching someone else play for a while.

But there are still enough retards who will keep playing on machines with lousy pin layouts to allow the house to turn a large profit.

There are a fair number of people who believe that pachinko machines have settings and are controlled by so called "horukon," but these people are chumps.

There are no "waves" in pachinko, only cold hard statistics. The logistics of secretly altering hundreds of machines to have remotely controllable statistics without anyone finding out would be ridiculously complicated, plus parlors can already easily turn a profit by simply positioning pins so that most of the machines shoot below the border.

OK, so it seems that pachinko winnings are measured in balls, and the balls can be exchanged perhaps indirectly for cash. But the balls appear to be simple ball-bearings, available relatively cheaply from industrial suppliers.

So what's to stop people from taking a few pocketfuls of ball-bearings into one of these "parlours", and either getting some free play obviously they'd have to buy some balls from the house to allay suspicion or simply handing them over as if they'd been won?

I just edited a passage that referred to the upswing in the popularity of pachinko since the beginning of the 21st century.

In actual fact, figures released by the Japanese National Police Agency in April show that there were 12, pachinko parlors in Japan as of December 31, , which is 2.

If you read the source for the comment that says that the shops to trade in prizes for cash "may be run by organized crime yakuza ", This comment is in fact incorrect.

The source states that "[the police] have largely exiled yakuza from the prize-exchange business and stopped most of the extortion by gangsters of parlor owners.

I feel that the comment about yakuza running the prize to money shops should be removed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This is an archive of past discussions. Do not edit the contents of this page. If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one, please do so on the current talk page.

No such language remains in the article. No reliable source , no addition to article. Just a bunch of "noise" until someone start citing reliable sources.

No objection to the edit was raised. Several clear photos have been added. Obvious spam, leading to off-topic "what if" discussions; this is not a forum.

Just chatter, no sources. After over 2 years, no one's sourced anything about this, and moot anyway. Today, the latest evolution in bingo is taking place on the Internet.

The Internet has helped bring players together from around the world, offering a convenient, fun, and safe way for fans to enjoy their favorite game anytime they like.

Games come in all shapes and sizes, allowing for everyone from the most casual player to high-rollers looking to get some serious action to find exactly what they are looking for.

However, there are several different formats in which the game can be played, and each of them uses slightly different rules.

In this game, players buy cards that feature a five-by-five grid. Fifteen of the numbers are assigned to each of the five columns, and typically, each column is associated with a letter that spells out B-I-N-G-O.

For instance, B contains the numbers , I includes , and so on. The cards have randomly assigned numbers in each column from the appropriate range.

The caller will draw numbers one at a time, with players able to mark off the matching spot if that number appears on their cards.

The object of the game is to be the first player to mark off the required pattern for a particular game.

The most common game type has players seeking to make any horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row of five spots in a row. However, numerous other patterns are possible: In most of the rest of the world — particularly Europe, South America, and Australia — a Ball Bingo variant is much more common.

In this case, players are given cards that come with three rows and nine columns. The numbers in each column are associated with a different group of approximately ten numbers: In a typical game of this type, there are three different prizes awarded.

Next, a second preliminary award will go to the first person to fill two of their lines ten spots in total.

Other versions are also spread, even if they are not as popular as the two main variants. In Ball Bingo, the cards feature a four-by-four pattern, but the gameplay is more similar to the ball game, with full lines or coverall patterns often being the goal for players who want to win prizes.

Online bingo has been around since the late s, with the first versions starting to pop up on the web sometime around Many of these were free-to-play games, with some providing prizes which were usually not cash to the winners.

Today, there are dozens of reputable, safe, and popular sites to choose from, though not all are available in all parts of the world.

In particular, players in the United States typically have a smaller selection than in other regions: All of the games we described earlier can be found at some sites, with ball and ball formats being the most popular.

Which games are spread often depends on where the site is aimed: While there is variety in the offerings at various sites, they do tend to share a lot in common with each other.

For instance, most software systems feature similar features that players can use to better organize their play. Speaking of those who play too many cards to keep track of, these sites also include ways for you to keep tabs on your key shots at winning each round.

Usually, there will be some sort of sorting mechanism designed to bring your most successful cards to the top, allowing you to instantly see how close you are to making the winning pattern at a glance.

Super Pachinko Plus Casino Game - Play this Game Online -

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Super Pachinko Plus Casino Game - Play This Game Online Video

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